Photo-A-Day Challenge

"Art is too much fun to be restricted to those who are good at it." --Elaine Normandy

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I had such fun the year I challenged myself to take a photo a day. Originally intended to jump start creativity and maybe even discover a writing prompt or two, I wasn't sure at first that I could keep up the pace. Reaching for the camera every day for 366 days--it was leap year--truly was a challenge and an ambitious undertaking. But except for four missed days (two because I misplaced my camera for a couple of days, and two because...well...I totally forgot!), I did it and I'm so glad I did.

The exercise opened my eyes and my heart to many neat images and memories. An amateur photographer (using a simple Sony point-and-shoot camera) and with little training, I do believe I learned much about framing, focal points, imagination, serendipity, and anticipation.

And so I share my month-by-month gallery here, along with accompanying monthly  themes. Hope you enjoy. And maybe by sharing, you'll be challenged to take a photo a day yourself and find out where the adventure takes you!

January. Prompts
February. Serendipity
March. Ideas
April. Focal Point
May. Particularize
June. Emotion
July. A Character's World
August. Insight
September. Tributes
October. Potpourri
November. Travel and Story
December. Endings, and Beginnings.


  1. I've loved and appreciated all your photos. I'm actually thinking about following your example and doing something similar.

  2. Catherine, I encourage you to take up the challenge! It was great fun and, and a learning, creative experience. You'll be glad you did :-)