Friday, July 31, 2020

Poesy vs. Posy

dayflower July 2020
Poesy (n)--poetical works, poetry, the work or the art of poetic composition (archaic); from Latin poesis, to create

Posy (n)--a flower or a bunch of flowers, a bouquet or nosegay

Poesy vs. posy. The words are similar in pronunciation. The values assigned to each have similar characteristics--beauty, wonder, creativity. I discovered this little marvel of a posy along the roadside on a recent walk, the dayflower. So named because it blooms for only one day. How timely I came along just on that day. As Keats says, poesy should be a friend to soothe the cares and lift thoughts. Stumbling on a chance wildflower is like a friend as well. This posy in particular makes me think of a skier with her legs extended out of the ski lift high above the mountain!

Random and serendipitous flowers and sometimes poetry, too. Have you stumbled unexpectedly upon either one that has lifted your thoughts lately?