Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Photo-A-Day Challenge Revisited

"For this is the artist's great responsibility, to listen, see, feel, smell, taste. To experience everything as intensely as possible, and then report our findings." --Silas House

I took time the other day to revisit my photo-a-day challenge, the project I undertook last year where I set a goal to take a photo a day. On this "revisit," I wanted to see if I could narrow a year's worth of pictures to a handful of favorites. Not an easy task, but here are the ones that made the final cut--a picture for each month with a few extras thrown in.

I remember how I started the project with a shake and a quiver, fearing I had set out on an impossible task. How could I ever expect to be able to snap a picture a day? Would it be too much to ask? What if I failed to stick with it, how would I feel?

Yet, over a year later, the results are in along with fun memories, fond images and an awareness of what an extraordinary experience it was. And I like this quote by Diane Mariechild that I ran across: "Trust that still, small voice that says, 'This might work, and I'll try it.'" 

I'm sure glad I did.

I'd love to hear from you on which of the above in the final grouping is your favorite, and why. Each one speaks a different word to me. I wonder what they might speak to you.

And, any daunting tasks you've ever set out to explore in which you questioned if you could stick it out, only to step back when it was all over to say, how in the world did I do that!?

Isn't it a wonder when we stop to listen to that still, small voice--and follow through?


  1. What a beautiful assortment. The umbrella table overlooking the woods speaks to me most. Probably because I love dining outside and sitting for long lengths after the meal, enjoying a summer's day.

  2. Can I choose two? I love the cardinal and the daisy. The cardinal, because it's a winter bird that isn't found in our area, and because the wallpaper border in my office is of cardinals and spring blossoms; and I love the daisy for the way it evokes freshness and spring or summer breezes.

    I take on daunting tasks regularly and have for many years; I love being able to look back at my achievements with a sense of pride and joy. And how do those tasks get accomplished? By careful planning and doing--by keeping them on the plate and moving them forward, every day until they're complete. When there's a breakdown, find a work-around. Go over, go under, or bust through.

  3. Thanks, Barbara! We do enjoy sitting around the patio table, where the umbrella is, on summer evenings. A special place to linger...

    And Cathy--love it that you picked two! The cardinal is such a bright spot around here on gray winter days, and I agree with you at how the daisy evokes freshness :-) Thanks for sharing how you like to take on daunting tasks and how you tackle them. You'd make a great inspirational coach, I think!

  4. I also need to pick two - the cardinal and the trees against a dark sky. I really love wooded areas, and I'm pretty sure that cardinal has been to my house on a number of occasions.

    Daunting tasks? Many. But the one that awes me the most is writing (figuratively, of course) THE END. :)

  5. I think you'll be admiring the photos from this project for years to come! I agree about confronting your fears about certain goals and being brave enough to plunge in despite any reasons not to ("not enough time," "i'll never stick with it," "I could be doing something else," etc.) It's being dedicated to taking those daily baby steps and being able to trust that you'll enjoy the big picture one day. Writing is the same way for me. I have to take pleasure in my daily journey of brainstorming and typing out scenes knowing that, even if it's never published, I'll create something that I'm proud of :) Great post, great project.

  6. Peggy--I like that you picked the one of the trees. It's pretty special to me because of its story. A local park sponsored a hike through a ravine that has been documented as an escape route on the Underground Railroad out of Cincinnati, and I took that picture while on the walk :-)

    Jess--thanks so much, and I so agree with you about the daily baby steps. We do have to trust that we're on the right track even if we can't see the end result for awhile. Please keep up your daily journey of brainstorming. You're busy right now I know with a new baby, but you are establishing great habits that will pay off in your writing in the long run!

  7. I'm always so inspired by your photos! I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite.