Thursday, April 7, 2016

Haiku A to Z: F is for Feeling

backyard discovery 2014
"Does your poem give readers a feeling? It can do this by presenting what caused your feeling rather than the feeling itself. So others can feel what you felt, don't explain or judge what you describe." --Michael Dylan Welch, Haiku Checklist

Haiku is a great medium for sharing the feeling of a moment. A moment is just that, a moment--fast, fleeting, fading. You don't have time to explain. You don't want to explain. You simply want to invite the reader into a fresh, flowing moment--with freedom to feel it their way.

A hard concept to capture, but worth trying. That's where the fun comes in!

Having fun with my Day Six Haiku:

flickering sunlight
partners with trees--dance breaks out
in silver shadows
--Kenda Turner


  1. Lovely! I missed yesterday's haiku because we were packing for a trip. We love tomorrow, so I'll miss that one, too, but I'll catch up on arrival. So glad you are doing Haiku for your A-Z challenge. I love haiku.

  2. Elizabeth, so glad to know you love haiku, too--do you write it as well? Thanks for stopping by. Have a great trip (with maybe some haiku inspiration as you go?)...

  3. I love it. Dance breaks out in silver shadows. Well done.

  4. Thanks, Ann :-) Appreciate you coming by!

  5. Lovely poem. And I liked what you said about the feeling of a moment. Isn't that what writers are always trying to do in their descriptions? To capture that feeling for the reader, to PUT them in the moment? It just doesn't stand alone as haiku does. Nice post!

  6. Hi, Peggy--you say it well, as always. All writing boils down to attempts to put the reader in the moment. The constrictions of haiku do make that hard but that's all in the challenge and fun of it. I'm still learning for sure!