Thursday, April 21, 2016

Haiku A to Z: R is for Reinforcement, Revelation

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"Haiku reinforces elements of the writing process as well as supports personal growth." --Chris Colderley, Let's Do Haiku!

I like the two sides to haiku.

Yes, writing haiku does reinforce elements of the writing process which include, but are not exclusive to, rewriting and revision

But its capacity for revelation and resonance, generally rooted in the every day, often jumpstarts a period of growth. That ah-ha moment isn't just for the reader. It comes first for the poet.

So, thanks to haiku, a writing life can be re-inspired. It has happened to me. Writing these short poems might not be a true retreat to a cabin in the woods, but I can pretend...

Has anything come along to reinforce and restart your writing life lately?

Revealing day eighteen haiku:

red berries turn on
porch light and illuminate
way to empty nest
--Kenda Turner


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  2. I wanted to mention that your poems have made a perfect start to my writing day!

  3. Thanks, Peggy--and may I say how much I appreciate your support :-) Have a most wonderful writing day!

  4. So true about poetry,it does help you distill the message.

    I agree with Peggy. You do emote good feelings with your haiku.

  5. Thanks, Ann--and wishing you the best with your writing, too :-)