Saturday, February 27, 2010

Color Bursts

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. --Pablo Picasso

Are you, like me, desperate for color--somewhere, anywhere--when the sky has stood still in a gray slicker for days and the snow, which was once bright and pristine, is now dirty and blah? At least I can add color to my office, so I did a search in Publisher's clipart and downloaded this picture to my computer desktop. Ah, that's better.

Yet color does surround us, if we look for it. Here's an exercise that's sure to lift a person's spirits--assign a color to something that recently "popped" in your corner of the world. Here are colors that burst into mine...

Purple--for the promise of publication. A friend of mine just received notice that one of her articles will be published this spring. Yeaaaaa!

Red--for energy and love. You'd know what I'm talking about if you saw our little one dance the "happy dance" for her mommy when she came in from work the other day. Now that's truly a bright spot.

Yellow--for the light of home, and thankfulness that my dad could come home from the rehabilitation center this week.

Blue--for the new grandbaby on the way, a little boy, and--shhh--the knitting project in the works. (But the shade--teal, cobalt, pastel, turquoise? Not telling yet, Suzan :-)

Green--for renewal, not only in a coming spring we sorely anticipate, but in the renewing of friendships--something I was able to do by snail mail and e-mail this week. Fantastic to hear from you all.

"Color, rather than shape," artist David Katz says, "is more closely related to emotion." For the fun of it, I'll be exploring the idea of color and emotions in my writing this week.

I feel my spirits lifting already. What "color bursts" lift yours?

For a cool, color-related activity,check out this link. Looks like fun for children--or anyone of any age, for that matter.


  1. Hi Kenda, what a pretty name. I hopped over to thank you for the follow. I absolutely love your blog.

    And I love this post. Yes. I. Am. Desperate for color. I find it in places I never dreamed I would find it. I shall join you in exploring the idea of color and emotions in my writing this week. Thanks. =)

  2. I loooooove blue!!!! hehehe....
    Now I'm curious!!!

    Loving your blog too!

  3. Kenda , what you say about color is so true ! There are so
    many variations of color that surely there is a shade for every
    situation. Generally blue appeals to me because it represents something
    clean and crisp. Like you , I associate yellows with home. We painted our
    first home pale yellow and white inside. So glad your dad can come home!