Friday, March 12, 2010

And Then the Battery Died

We went to the circus last night. Thanks for the tickets, Melissa. Sorry you couldn't go, but then you're writing your own story there in Mexico!

The circus is a regular event for Bill and me; we try to go almost every year. We love it for the pulsating lights, energy, and pageantry. The sparkles, exotic animals, and thrills never cease to amaze us. And we couldn't have gone with a more fun couple than Jack and Eula.  Eula--a mother and grandmother, too--was like a child herself as she oohed and ahhed over everything. She even covered her eyes during nail-biting performances--like when the lion tamer seemed oblivious to the wild animal perched right behind him. She said just watching his act made her blood pressure rise.

I took my camera, thinking I'd get at least one good shot during the evening. A spellbinding one, I hoped, to encapsulate a tiny degree of the excitement. The lighting was poor so I played around with one setting after another. In total, I snapped maybe a half-dozen pictures. And then the battery died.

Aw, shoot (no pun intended).

After returning home, and replacing the battery, I scrolled through to see what images I did get. The last photo captured? This one, of human cannonballs being shot through the air! A split-second snap and an image is frozen in time--but still I think of the ones I "might" have gotten.

So, what did I learn from my night at the circus--and how might I turn it all to writing?

  • Always carry an extra battery! Or, as the case may be, a notepad or journal to capture fleeting inspirations and writing thoughts.
  • Shoot for the stars--and keep submitting. We never know when we'll hit the mark. But when we do, lights pulsate and hearts sparkle.
  • Enjoy friends--and welcome them when they propel themselves into the next picture, scene, or story.
  • LIfe's best moments come when we laugh. So let's not take ourselves--or our work--too seriously.
  • Ask questions. Stay curious. (Where did that clown go after vanishing into thin air in that wagon?)
  • Keep the sense of wonder alive, for wonder lights up the world.
A night at the circus awakens the kid in all of us, and is a fantastic antidote to stirring imagination, creativity, and renewed energy.
Now if I can only translate all of it into this keyboard.


  1. I love what you "learned" from the experience, especially the shooting for the stars, enjoying friends and keeping the sense of wonder alive.
    When you do figure out how to translate all of it into the written word, I want to know how to do it too!