Sunday, March 21, 2010

Time Out

I just had to share this picture, taken Friday when we were supposed to be babysitting. Babysitting? Aw, that sounds too much like work. This is not work. This is swings and slides, wind in the hair, a sunny day, and ducks on the lake. A precious pause, battery-charge. Discovery through a child's eyes with Grandpa at her side.

Memory makers, pick-me-ups, gratitude gulps. Slowing things down in a fast-paced world, finding joy in simple things.

A hall pass. A jump-start.

Savor the moment's gift. Monday's work and writing projects will be the better for it.


  1. What a sweet, sweet picture and I loved the words that went with it. The joy experienced is mutual--you know she loves to be with "GrandpaGrandma".
    Thank you for expressing that so eloquently...

  2. This could be a picture from my album! She could pass for Jackie 19 years ago. The stance and the hair---different Bill though :)