Saturday, February 20, 2010


Maybe the season of snow is about over--but it won't pass without offering up some of  its most fun opportunities. Like making snow angels or building snow forts...or...doing a script Ohio.

Script Ohio? Oh, yes. Every year, ever since the kids were small--and even after they were grown and on their own--my husband has marched out the word "Ohio" in a soft, unblemished field of winter white. Snow brings out the kid in him every year.

Not familiar with script Ohio? Well, most people from the buckeye state, like us, know the trademark half-time show that Ohio State University's band is famous for--how they march to their signature song and spell "Ohio" in a well-executed formation across a football field. As a final touch, the band major dots the i.

Well, we are not OSU alumni (go UC and OU!), but Bill doesn't let that stop him from carrying out one of his favorite winter traditions. When the opportunity presents itself, he goes for it--like he did this time last week. That's him, dotting the i.

And now an opportunity has presented itself for writers of kids novels--like me. Check out the contest for Middle Grade and Young Adult manuscripts that Chuck Sambuchino is running on his Guide to Literary Agents blog. You can get there from here. Time is running out--but you still have until midnight tomorrow, February 21, to submit. If you can, take advantage of the opportunity. And if not this one, then the next that comes along. March to your music, write your script--and jump in there with a flourish to dot that final i.


  1. Memories! I remember how I always wanted to jump and dot the "i" of Ohio back in the day...that was such a fun tradition that we did in the snow. If I remember correctly, we also sang some song or we hummed as we went along...

    I'm glad that Dad still has that kid inside, it sure makes for fun times when we're all together. Especially now that he has one grandchild and one on the way.

    But what about his walking barefoot in the snow???

  2. Dad says now you've gone and told all his secrets!

    Thanks for the comments :-)It's neat to realize those times made for good memories for you, too. And, yes, we like it that he still has that kid inside. Makes life interesting, doesn't it?!

    Just think what the grandkids have in store for them...!

  3. I'm sorry, but it went with the topic!! :)

    I like how you tied this together, the image of dotting those "i"s with flourish--whatever they may be for each of us...