Friday, October 24, 2014

Ocean Advice and a Thousand Words

Ft. Walton Beach, FL October 2014
Ocean Advice

Let your cares drift away.
Seas every opportunity.
Adapt to changing tides.
Surf life's rough waves.
Harbor strength and perseverance.
Don't be a shellfish.
Bet on a shore thing.

We were fortunate to take a short trip to the beach this past week and, wow, what a gift. Some of my favorite pictures include:

"Let your cares drift away...
...seas every opportunity...   
...adapt to changing tides... life's rough waves...
...harbor strength and perseverance...
...don't be a shellfish... on a shore thing."
Thanks to Valerie and her pinterest board for the poem :-)                                          

And speaking of gifts, the best one was to drive up for the weekend from the beach to son and family's house in sweet Alabama to see, for the first time, our newest grandbaby, sweet little Joy.

Drinking it all in, savoring, storing it up for the winter months ahead. When it's the coldest here, I'll be imagining those long walks along the water's edge. Like they say, "A walk on the beach is worth a thousand words." Hopefully this latest seaside "retreat" will stir an actual thousand words, and more, in writing projects in the weeks ahead.

Where do you like to go for a retreat--writing or otherwise?


  1. Your photos are gorgeous! They show exactly why so many people (including me) love to spend time near the water. But I have to admit, since time-off is scarce, my most frequent getaway place is a book.

  2. Maybe you've not been able to go to the beach recently, Peggy, but I know you've been to some writing conferences since we last saw each other. I'd call those some pretty good retreats! Now what do you say we combine a trip to the beach with a writing conference--wouldn't that be perfect??

    1. Sounds wonderful! Wonder if they have a conference in Hawaii!

  3. Congrats on your beautiful addition to your family! I live in gorgeous Naples area now so I look out my back door to see such prettiness.

  4. Oh, I'm jealous, Terri! I can feel the sand between my toes right now :-) Although I must say, we came back to some beautiful fall leaves here in Ohio so I'm glad to experience both--which I know you know all about since I think you're originally from Pennsylvania. Write a few words for me while basking in the sunshine, will you?

  5. Congrats on seeing your precious grand baby.
    As to favorite retreats, mine is my scrapbooking room, where I am endlessly entertained with family photos, photos of our travels, colored card stock and patterned paper.

  6. Your scrapbooking room must be a quiet, contemplative place, Cathy--and surely qualifies as a retreat :-) I remember a time I worked on a scrapbook. It was after a death in the family. It was therapeutic to say the least...

  7. What a wonderful treat, a retreat and a sweet little one! So happy for you! The Little Miss is adorable. :)