Thursday, October 8, 2015

When Imagination Is Out of Focus

photo courtesy of Pixabay 
"You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus." --Mark Twain

Left side of the brain is so often dominant over this way: details, to-do lists, things to keep track of. But I try to be intentional about keeping the right side of the brain awake and engaged so that writing is not neglected.

Some of my favorite activities?
  • photography
  • haiku
  • writing prompts
  • walks
  • playing with the children
  • reading
  • journaling

Is your imagination strong at the moment or a tad out of focus? What do you do to refocus it?


  1. Actually, I'm feeling pretty creative right now. Like you, I do a lot of reading, take a lot of walks, and spend time with children. I'm also lucky enough to still be teaching, which keeps me sharp. And sometimes, if I'm really on the verge of an idea but can't quite grab it, I do something completely mindless - like vacuuming the rug or playing a video game. Funny how often the brain supplies the idea you need when you quit trying so hard.

  2. Thanks, Peggy. I haven't tried video games but I have gotten hooked on sudoku :-) hope you're having a great day!

  3. These suggestions remind me of the "artist's dates," that Julia Cameron talks about in her book, "The Artist's Way." I don't take enough artist dates, that's for sure. But I do lead a life with as few distractions as possible, which I feel is condusive to creativity. No television or radio background noise. And I live in the country, where it is naturally quiet, except for the lovely sounds of the earth itself. When I am short on inspiration, a long walk usually causes ideas to bubble up within.

  4. Have been crazy busy lately so my imagination has been just plain scattered. I'm thinking I need a mental health day to do some of the activities and get refocused. Appreciate the encouragement! :)