Saturday, March 23, 2013

Writing is Like a River

"Writing is like a river--the words are ever-flowing. You may have heard of writer's block, but that only means a writer took his raft out of the river. The solution is to get back into the water. Pick a thought--any thought--and write about it. Instant solution. No more block." --Linda Jo Martin

Have your words been flowing freely down the writing river lately, or does your raft need relaunching? To what would you compare the writing life?

Hope the week ahead carries you to many new and exciting writing worlds...

Photo inspiration: a view of the Ohio River from the banks of small-town Aurora, Indiana, just yesterday. 


  1. Love that quote! I've been in a place where I'm revising already written words for the past few months. Of course I add new things here and there, but I find myself looking forward to discovering a new story.

  2. I read this post several days ago, when it first went up. But your questions are really hard for me to answer. I think it's true that for writers, we could spend our lives at a keyboard, typing the words in our heads. We'd have many interesting things to say. When I read others' blog posts, I am awed by the things people ponder, and then put to paper the conclusions they've come to.

    But if you're talking about working on a particular project, I'm out of the stream, and getting antsy to get back into it. I need thoughts about a new story to fill my brain, and trickle down into my fingers. The ideas are there; just haven't had time to pursue.

  3. Ohhh, I like this thought. My current WIP isn't flowing; it's a hard write (and so very different than my last one). Thanks for this, because truly, I have to re-launch each time I sit down to work on my new thing.

  4. Hmm... I love similes and metaphors. My metaphorical river has been a little sluggish lately. I have a plot in my head that really WANTS to get onto paper - just haven't figured out exactly how to get it there. In the meantime, I'm reworking "finished" projects that really aren't, going to SCBWI meetings, and reading, reading, reading. Oh, yeah - and struggling with query letters. :)

  5. This is so true! I need to remember this when a project stalls. I know it helps to switch gears and work on other things. "Keep paddling", right? Perhaps I need to post that in my office!