Thursday, October 20, 2011


"Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile." --William Cullen Bryant

Just a note to thank Debbie Maxwell Allen over at Writing While the Rice Boils for guest-posting me today, sharing a post I did the other day on character names. Smiles, Debbie! And if you haven't met Debbie yet, please hop on over and say hi. Her place is always a treasure trove of writing tips, resources, books, conference news and more.

Speaking of smiles, I'd like to send a few over to WritingNut at Writing in a Nutshell as well, for the shout-out in the recent Pay It Forward blogfest.  And smiles, too, to all the new followers that came over from there. Thanks, WritingNut! 

Speaking of followers, it amazes me to think I'm inching up toward the big 100 followers-milestone. I have so much enjoyed meeting everyone, and being a part of the writers' blogging world. It's a pretty special place. I'm thinking there should be some fun give-away to celebrate. Stay tuned, we're getting close.

And truly, what better choice for a give-away than maybe a book or two? And what better way (for me and others in our area) to select those books ( and maybe get them autographed) than to go to the Books By the Banks book festival here in Cincinnati this Saturday, October 22, from 10-4.  But how to choose--the line up of authors and illustrators who will be there is awesome. It includes Alyssa Satin Capucilli of the Biscuit children's books, illustrator Will Hillenbrand, Kristina McBride, author of the YA novel The Tension of Opposites, and renown music artist Judy Collins who will be signing her autobiography, Sweet Judy Blue Eyes, and nearly 100 others. The day promises to be amazing, with lots of smiles to go around.

Finally, speaking of books and the buying of them--when you buy a book, do you consider yourself a patron of the arts? I hadn't thought about our purchasing power this way until I read Rosslyn Elliott's post this morning at WordServe Water Cooler. You might check out what she has to say in My Reader, My Patron: How Authors Will Survive in the Brave New Publishing World. Great food for thought.

Smiles, everyone!


  1. Oooo, I feel all fancy now that you said, "Patron of the Arts"! Yes, I suppose I am, since I buy books :) I never thought about it that way--I think from now on, I'll put that as my job on any forms I have to fill out, instead of "stay-at-home-mom."

    Congrats on getting close to the big 1-0-0, and I'm very jealous that you'll get to see the author of the Biscuit books~ those are very popular at my house!

  2. I am so much a patron that my bookshelves are sagging under the weight of my choices!

    Seriously, I liked what Rosslyn Elliot had to say, and it's so true. It occurred to me, Kenda, that you are a patron in a different way. You help us all stay aware of what's happening in the writing world. That's another way we can support one another.

    I had a nice surprise this morning to see my book The WindSinger reviewed on the blog of fellow COSCBWI member, Kathryn Powers. So, let me be a "patron" by recommending you check out her new site, K.S.Powers - Writer.

  3. It feels good to think of myself as a patron. That's what I'll tell my husband when I buy more books!


  4. Good to see you all :-)

    Jess--a stay-at-home mom is not to be devalued! I was one for many years, too.

    Peggy--thanks for your kind words :-) And you better believe I'll check out K.S. Power's place! BTW, I have WindSinger in the to-read pile, and because of your reminder, have now moved it to the top. (Sorry it's taken me so long...) We can talk about it at the OKI Conference Nov.5th. Yep, I signed up!

    Debbie--being a patron of the arts has its advantages :-)