Monday, October 24, 2011

G is for Glee (and not the TV Series)

"A child reminds us that playtime is an essential part of our daily routine." --Anonymous

Angelica has one of Alyssa Satin Capucilli's books in the Biscuit series on her shelf, and so she knew Biscuit when she saw him. We were at Books by the Banks, a book festival held here in Cincinnati over the weekend, when what do you know? Biscuit was THERE! And all the excitement of a three-year old was poured into the biggest hug ever. Can we say glee?

What inspiration for a writer, especially those of us who write for children. No doubt, this is now my picture of the week, maybe even my screen saver. Don't you just love it? The glee spilled out on all those around. I wanted to bottle it up and hoard a supply in hopes of dispelling those less-than-gleeful, rather gloomy, times that sometimes manifest themselves unbidden.

And so I play--with words.

Glee... in the the getting to the GLOW. the going...the giving...the gathering. the gumption...and the gratitude.

It's all there, gifts for the gleaning, whether in a child's face upon meeting a favorite book character now bigger-than-life, in the writing--and reading--of books, or in life in general (no matter the grumps, gravels and gripes that garner groans).

Glee is the chosen word of the week over this way. What might your word be? Does it start with G, too?  Any ideas on how you will play this week?


  1. Nice play on *word*! :)
    My sweet girl does express that concept vibrantly so many times...thank you for the reminder, even in the midst of the grumps, gripes and groans of the day-to-day...!
    P.S. You should have seen her dancing with the mascots, more Glee with a capital G!!!

  2. Carole Anne--glad you like the picture, too. It still warms my heart!

    And supermom--how did I miss seeing her dance with the mascots??? Must have been when wheeling Adrian around in his stroller while talking to authors and checking out all the books :-)

  3. What a great picture! Children show unmasked glee all the time---I'm recapturing it here!!

  4. Love this!

    If I were to stick with G, my word would have to be "gratitude" for so many things.

    If I'm thinking in writing terms (as I so often do), I'd choose P for passion. Can't write without it! P could also be for personal and persuasive and point-of-view (one of my favorites).

  5. I'll have to put some thought into what my word will be this week. That photo is absolutely adorable~ she looks so happy!

  6. The picture is adorable. Sounds like a "grand" day! I like this idea as a writing prompt too. Thanks so much for sharing it, and for sharing your adventure with us as well. :)

  7. Aw, Angelica looks soo excited! :)

    I'm going to have to steal one of yours - gratitude (love it) but since I don't want to be a thief, I'll go with "glorious" -- it's gonna be a glorious rest of the week! :)

  8. This picture brought "glee" to my heart too.

    I like the phrase "glee in the going" because in reminds me of the happiness we should find as we go through the process of life. And oh so many interesting processes there are....!

    Keith Turner

  9. Thanks, all, for stopping in and commenting--so glad you liked the picture, too :-)

    And hello, Keith! Happy to hear from you, and I so agree with you about life having so many sources of happiness. Children, of course, are at the top of the list, but the adventures you and Suzan are having there in Spain must rank close to the top, too. Have fun! Love you.

  10. The picture is absolutely adorable. Great post, Kenda.