Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Writers and Bird-Watchers--How Are They Similar?

watching for ducks at the park, February 2016
"Writing is like a bird-watcher watching for birds. The stories are there, you just have to train yourself to look for them." --Barbara Micheals

It's not so much looking for ideas for me, it's actually buckling down and doing something with them after they appear. How about you--are ideas more elusive, or is it the time it takes to develop them?

For Ceci, above, it's simply waiting for the ducks to arrive!

Wishing you a great day filled with ideas--and their development :-)


  1. For me, it's a matter of finding time to write them. I have files and files on my computer of story ideas, but to actually write a story or book takes so much commitment!

  2. Elizabeth, I'm like you. So many ideas are floating in my head--but I have to finish the ones I've started first. Isn't that the writer's life? At least we aren't bored! Thanks for stopping by... :-)

  3. I have lots of ideas, but sometimes I can't see beyond the first couple of chapters to get my "what if" in play. But I do see another analogy to bird watching. I need to spend more time studying my ideas, really knowing them inside and out. Maybe I need to do some "Idea Watching."

    1. Peggy, maybe another characteristic of bird-watching to apply to developing our ideas is patience? Another necessary ingredient to studying those ideas inside and out... Hmmm, there's more to this bird watching analogy than I first thought! Thanks for your input :-)

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    1. Yes, H.R.--sounds like we writers have a lot in common. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Hi Kenda, some story ideas suddenly appear, fully developed, while I have to slog it out with other story ideas.

  6. Rachna, I identify with your process, too--though for me the slogging process is more common than ideas that come full-blown! Thanks for dropping in :-)