Monday, August 24, 2015

18 Slogans for the Motivated Writer

CVG Airport August 2015

"slogan (n.): 1. a phrase expressing the aims or nature of an enterprise, organization, or candidate; a motto; 2. a phrase used repeatedly, as in advertising or promotion; 3. a battle cry of a Scottish clan." -the

I've been thinking about slogans lately, especially following our most recent jaunt out of town, on Frontier Airlines. A quick hop from Cincinnati to Atlanta and parts nearby. Now this isn't an endorsement for Frontier necessarily, but the company does have a unique marketing plan. Their slogan: a different kind of animal. How do they illustrate this? By painting a picture of an animal on the airplane's tail. And, boy, does that catch the little ones' imaginations. Imagine the grandkids' reactions when we told them we flew on a fox. In the gate next to us was a deer.

So how does a slogan befit a writer? Well, I did a bit of research, and found a few slogans of notable companies (list source here). Imagine if we adapted some of these to our writing habits, writing attitudes, writing goals:

 1. Imax: "Think big." Don't limit yourself or talk yourself out of your ideas. Hop on and fly.
 2. Volkswagon: "Think small." Notice detail. Keep your antenna out. Record descriptions.
 3. MacPro: "Beauty outside. Beast inside." Be willing to fight for the ideas you want to express.
 4. Playstation: "Live in your world. Play in ours." Stimulate creativity and imagination.
 5. Sony: "Make believe." Similar to Playstation. May the worlds you create be your playground.
 6. Ajax: "Stronger than dirt." Don't buckle. Foster determination to see the project through.
 7. Yellow Pages: "Let your fingers do the walking." Or the typing. Page after page after page.
 8. Kodak: "Share moments. Share life." Journal. Record life in photos. Share in family and friend time. And then let some of that infiltrate your stories and enhance them.
 9. McDonald's: "I'm lovin it." Do you love what you do? If so you'll go back to it again and again. 
10. Hallmark: "When you care enough to send the very best." Take pride in your work. Improve your craft. Make your work the best it can be.
11. Clairol: "Does she...or doesn't she?" What makes your character interesting? Compelling? A page-turner? What is her secret?
12. Visa: "It's everywhere you want to be." Immerse yourself in your setting. Know where your character walks, down to the cobblestones in the streets. Travel--if not literally, then in your mind and see what there is to see so you can describe it for others.
13. M & M: "Melts in your mouth, not in your hands." Tap into sensory details--including taste!
14. Nokia: "Connecting people." Isn't that what writing's all about, connecting with readers through words?
15. AT &T: "Reach out and touch someone." Ditto to above.
16. Maxwell House: "Good to the last drop." Does your writing satisfy and deepen experiences for others?
17. L'Oreal: "Because you're worth it." Treat yourself after a hard's days work at the keyboard. Chocolate's always good.
18. Energizer: "Keeps going and going and going." That, I suggest, is the slogan of a true writer!

Do you have a writer's slogan that keeps you focused? Any of the above you think you might adopt? Will you join with the Scottish and make the word 'slogan' your battle cry?

And do you need help in crafting a slogan? Slogan Generator can help.

Finally, there's the guy who spoofs advertising slogans with his comical spinoffs. His name is Clif Dickens, and you can find samples of his work here. I share a few favorites:

Starbucks: "We serve you decaf if you're rude."
Old Spice: "Smell like Grandpa."
Yellow Pages: "Here, you throw this away."
Lego: "The bane of your foot's existence."
MacDonald's: "Because you only have $4."
...and one with particular relevance to our family history:
Monopoly: "A great way to ruin friendships."

Explore slogans. You might just find--or write--the perfect one for you!


  1. As Always, you thoroughly entertained me. I also got hold of your SCBWI article--well done!

    My writing slogan, that I need to remind myself of frequently is this: It's a game.

    When I can get in that mental space, my anxiety melts away. It's not life-and-death; it's only a game, and let's see how far I can go with it.

  2. Cathy, so glad to hear from you again :-) And thanks for your kind words about the SCBWI article. I relate to your slogan. Next to real life, writing is a game--so, looking at it that way, we should engage for the fun of it and not stress over the frustrating parts. Thanks for reminding us...!

  3. Sorry I've been gone. My computer died. We had the funeral last night and replaced it! (yay)

    Slogans -- fun topic! I guess I'd say I want my writing to be "good to the last drop" (er, word). Given how much coffee I drink while writing, that kind of fits. :-)

  4. A conked-out computer is no fun, Peggy--you have my sympathy (especially when it comes to the learning curve of a new one!) but glad you could replace it in a timely manner :-) And love the slogan you picked and the the way you tweaked it to the writer! Thank you. And I know we've said it before, but it really would be good to sit down and have a cup of coffee together. That would be fun!

  5. I love the slogans! The funny ones made me laugh out loud, particularly the Lego one (speaking from experience). I have two slogans I use in both writing and life:
    Anything is possible if you believe.
    and Nike's "Just do it."

  6. Hey, Lori--thanks for sharing your slogans. Great choices :-) And ouch on the Lego experience!