Tuesday, July 21, 2015

On Peaches, Pandas, and Stress

Indiana peaches in season 2015
"Stressed spelled backwards is desserts. Coincidence? I think not!" --Author Unknown

Humor helps with stress, too, I say. And that's what we found when we took a short trip to the next state over to check out this year's peach crop at Beiersdorfer Orchard, Guilford IN. Not only were we not disappointed in the peaches, we noted the above sign over the cooler and had a little laugh.

What, do not pester, perturb, provoke, perplex, punch, pick or pounce the peaches??

Don't push, pull, pry, poke, peck, prod, pinch, paw or pop?

Certainly don't pluck, plink, plonk, plunk, plaid, paisley or polka-dot them!

I wish I had come up with this one.

The sales lady saw me take pictures of her sign. "My daughter saw that when out in California when the pandas were there," she said. "At the time, it read 'panda' but we changed it to peaches. We've had a lot of fun with it."

Now I want to research the pandas. I don't remember that story. (Maybe she spoke of Gao Gao, Bai Yun, and Xiao Liwu, the three Chinese pandas seen here on a cam at the San Diego Zoo? I don't know, but they are fun to watch.)

Stress-relievers: dessert, humor, a short road-trip, pandas, word-play. A few ideas for you. Can you think of any others?

Maybe a little ice cream with those peaches? That's where I'm headed next!


  1. This was a fun post. Enjoy those peaches and pandas. Love it that stressed desserts spelled backwards.

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth :-) Enjoy your day, too!

  3. Who knew there were so many P words? So creative!

    To deal with stress, I agree that Ice cream (with or without peaches) is always good. But nothing beats a really great book!

  4. Books, yes! Thanks, Peggy, books should be on the top of the list for sure :-) Have a great weekend...

  5. Love that sign! So glad you shared it with us. :) I agree, peaches are just too good to mess with. This reminds me, have been meaning to go to a local orchard to pick up some delightful peaches. I may go tomorrow!

  6. I had that sign when I was younger. It was from when the baby pandas were in the San Diego zoo! Remembered it today, reminded by Alton Brown's recipe for poached eggs: "Do not peek, poke, stir or accost the eggs in any way" -- much better as "Do not pester, perturb, provoke .... plaid, paisley or polka dot the poached eggs!"