Saturday, February 7, 2015

Shout-Outs, Celebrations, and Terri's Give-Away

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"Thoughts fly and words go on foot. Therein lies all the drama of a writer." --Julian Green

I'm happy to announce the release dates of books by two authors I've met through blogging--cheering them on and thankful that they not only let their imaginations fly, but that they also marched on to produce wonderful stories that we can all hold in our hands.

Terri Tiffany writes inspirational women's fiction, and her first book, The Mulligan (Harbourlight Books), was just released yesterday, February 6, 2015. Description: "Twenty-year-old Bobbi Snow is more at home behind an easel than on the golf green. After all, being a pro golfer was her twin brother's goal and her father's obsession. But when Bobbi's careless accident causes a fire that leaves her brother crippled, she's determined to dust off her clubs and follow his dream. Playing the hero might be the only way to save her splintering family. Maybe then her father will forgive her. But can she ever forgive herself?"

To celebrate The Mulligan's release, Terri is sponsoring a very generous giveaway. Drop in over at her blog, Terri Tiffany, Inspirational Writer, Writing Stories That Leave a Fingerprint on the Heart, for details--including the announcement of two $50 Gift Cards! The deadline is February 15.

Elizabeth Varadan, over at Elizabeth Varadan's Fourth Wish, has announced the release date for her middle-grade mystery, Imogene and the Case of the Missing Pearls, which is June 15, 2015. Isn't that one of the prettiest covers you've ever seen? Although the book isn't available yet, you can sign-up with Amazon here to be notified of availability by email. The book's description: "In Imogene and the Case of the Missing Pearls, a day after Imogene's obnoxious step-cousins pay a visit, her mother's pearls go missing. When Sherlock Holmes is called in, Imogene, harboring a secret desire to become a detective, sees her chance to learn from the great Mr. Holmes."

I'm looking forward to reading both of these books, and I think you'll enjoy them, too. Wishing both authors much success as they continue on their journeys as published authors!

I would guess both Terri and Elizabeth would agree with these thoughts from author Janet Evanovich (found here at Gotham Writers):
Q: "What is the most valuable advice you received as a writer?"
A: "One of my early editors told me to never hold anything back. Put all your good ideas into the book you're writing and hope to God you have more good ideas for your next book. Also, set aside a portion of time each day to write. Turn off your phone, don't put in another load of wash and don't cheat by answering e-mail. It doesn't have to be a long period of time, but it has to be used exclusively for writing."

Okay, I think I'm going to ignore that obnoxious beeper on my washing machine this upcoming week. What will you ignore in order to get your targeted words down in the days to come?


  1. Nice of you to spread the word about two new books coming out. I'm sure both Terri and Elizabeth must be very excited.

    What will I ignore this week? Maybe I'll let the phone ring instead of answering it. Maybe I won't check my email six times every day. That would be a good start. :-)

  2. Peggy, I can relate on the email thing. Can I get by with only checking it once or twice a day? Ha! So many distractions--and potential for procrastination. Hoping to really focus this week even though it promises to be a busy one. I've got a word goal. Let's see if I make it. Thanks for stopping by--wishing you a great and productive week :-)

    1. That's interesting. Is a word goal the norm for you? And do you try to do so many words a day or so many a week? I've got to the point that I'm happy if I even put in half an hour on some days!

    2. Thanks for the question, Peggy--I've tried different approaches, including recording the number of hours I've done any writing during a week. In some ways it motivated me and I made progress, but it always seemed like writing "time" was always the first thing to fall by the wayside.This year I'm going with word counts. My goal is small--I'm happy with 1500 words a week. That's small potatoes for some writers I guess, but I'm being realistic for me. In January I managed 7000 words. At this rate I should have a completed (very) rough 48,000-word draft by July. Posting about this is helping to hold me accountable! I've talked too long "about" writing this story; I'm so hoping I really do it this year :-)