Sunday, March 16, 2014

Revision's Mountain and More

The mountain called revision looms and the climb seems insurmountable, but wait, there's a map! Like the intrepid mountain climber, we start at the base and work our way up.

I came across this neat infographic by Gabriela Pereira on a great resource site: Jody Hedlund's Pinterest board, "How to Edit." So many inspirational pins can be found there for those of us in the revision process.

And yet, Jody's site is only the tip of the iceberg (I mean, mountain) since I linked there after first discovering The Write Life's "20 Inspiring Pinterest Boards for Writing" where Jody's board is listed. Talk about resources! You can get lost wandering through all the neat links. 

I'm tempted but better restrain myself. After all revisions are calling.

Where are you on the climb of Mt. Revision? And do you ever get lost in the wilderness of great writerly resources and get sidetracked away from the work at hand?


  1. Super cool! I'm going to have to check out those boards. I love the pyramid idea too. I used to get sidetracked in my writing all the time, but not so much anymore, now that I'm retired. Before, it was because I worked full time. If I felt I didn't have a block of time for writing, there were always smaller chunks that were good for gaining info about craft. I also did it ALL the time when I was stuck, but I don't seem to get stuck anymore like I used to. Thank you for sharing the great resources.

  2. I keep a check list as I go through it of things I need to remember to "check out", especially if I'm revising POV and I run into small problems like a character climbing in the back seat of a car and getting out of the front seat :). I don't stop and change those until I finish what I set out to do that particular time. It's amazing what appears that I had no idea I had done. Love the pyramid!

  3. I'm at the bottom of that mountain! I just finished a WIP yesterday. :-) But it needs time to sit before I dive in.

  4. Cathy, it's pretty neat to see your progress--sounds like you've assimilated all that info' you used to gather and have internalized it. Good to know you don't get stuck as much anymore!

    Catherine, a check list is a good thing. We writers need a method of keeping our facts straight, that's for sure. I'm glad you like the pyramid. It's a helpful visual isn't it?

    Barbara, congratulations on finishing your WIP! Wow, that's an accomplishment in itself. Now, good luck on those revisions :-)