Friday, August 23, 2013

Sage Advice on Proofreading


"Proofread carefully to see if you any words out." --Author Unknown


Can proofreading be fun? Even humorous? Hmmm....

Any glaring proofreading mistakes you remember making?

Happy weekend, everyone :-)


  1. My husband loves to remind me that in medieval times, nuns sewing tapestries would make a deliberate mistake because they were human and incapable of being perfect. (Don't know where he got that story.) I proofread like crazy, and yet, I continue to find mistakes. Guess I'll put it down to being human. :-)

    1. Interesting bit of info', Peggy--sounds like your husband is a reader, too :-) I love stumbling upon historical insights like that...

      And try as we might, there's always a mistake or two. It's good we can laugh about them occasionally. (Though an agent or an editor might not!)

  2. Just when I think it's perfect I find another mistake. It's so frustrating to go over and over it again and again and keep finding silly little errors you missed.