Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Artistic Playground

"Writing is very much a playground--an artistic playground. It's the most fun thing I do." 
                                                                                                                                                                                                      --Shania Twain

We headed for a playground a day this last week with the little ones. Clear skies, cool breezes, slower pace, children's laughter. Perfect for recharging a writer's battery!

As always, I kept the camera close. The above image that I captured will be my inspiration this upcoming week when I head off to play with words. I plan to have fun. How about you?

And the photo begs a caption. If you were to write one, what would it be?


  1. I love that photo. As the boy swings, his shadow moves with him. Of course he'll never catch it. So a caption could be: A new Peter Pan, endlessly chasing his shadow.

    I, too, think writing is fun - "playing with words," as you say. I frequently feel like the little boy, trying to catch a word or phrase that remains just beyond my reach.

    Just like you, I love taking my grandchildren to the park. There's something so wonderful about watching a child at play!

    1. Peter Pan chasing his shadow--I like that. Thanks, Peggy :-) Of course, off stage what you didn't see how this little one actually chased ducks. That's another story. And he's pretty smart. I originally put him in the seat facing the other direction, but he insisted on turning around simply to watch the ducks on the water. Peter Pan planning his next move? Ha!

  2. I guess I've been in the air too much recently. I imagined the boy swinging out and up and floating around in the sky. Caption would be, "Launching."

    I use my thesaurus frequently, not to find fancier words, but to clarify the different shades of meanings of words. I'm always gaining new insights about words.

    1. The thesaurus is a friend that's for sure, as we're trying to find just the right word. As you say, not to impress but to express as closely as possible what we're trying to say. And isn't it fun when just the right word comes? Another example of playing with words...

      'Launching'--good choice here! Thanks :-)

    2. I also love "Launching" as a title for this photo. Super idea!

  3. My first thought for a caption was, "I wonder if I can swing higher than my shadow."

    I agree, this sort of thing is perfect for recharging! Have a great week! :)