Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Thirty Words for Writers

" 'O Tiger-lily,' said Alice, addressing herself to one that was waving gracefully about in the wind. 'I wish you could talk!' 'We can talk,' said the Tiger-lily, 'when there's anybody worth talking to.' Alice was so astonished that she could not speak for a minute: it seemed to take her breath away." --Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass

My tiger lilies have done just that for me this year, taken my breath away. I have one particular orange clump in a small flower bed that has thirty blossoms on it. Thirty! Astonishing. Each day a new bud opened up until the whole thing seemed to be on fire.

In honor of my tiger lily and her thirty blossoms--in no way do I have a green thumb so this is just a marvel to me--and in honor of words that might, just might, help us writers bloom, here's my version of "Thirty Words for a Writer."

May they help plant seeds for worthwhile gardens of words to come...

Thirty Words for Writers

                                                                         1. write                              
                                                                         2. read                               
                                                                         3. play                               
                                                                         4. persevere                      
                                                                         5. ponder                           
                                                                         6. wonder                          
                                                                         7. experiment                    
                                                                         8. create                             
                                                                         9. catch                              
                                                                       10. toss    
                                                                       11. dig
                                                                       12. expand
                                                                       13. visualize
                                                                       14. imagine
                                                                       15. feel
                                                                       16. care
                                                                       17. compose
                                                                       18. type
                                                                       19. breathe
                                                                       20. rest
                                                                       21. refresh
                                                                       22. return
                                                                       23. reach
                                                                       24. question
                                                                       25. wrestle
                                                                       26. revise
                                                                       27. stay
                                                                       28. nail
                                                                       29. hope
                                                                       30. smile        

The words are not new--but always pertinent. (Don't you just love word association games?)

Would you add any words, delete any? How is your garden growing? Any tiger lilies talk to you lately?

"Tiger lilies--the panthers of the meadow." --Titus Munson Coan


  1. After seeing that photo, I can't get out of tiger-lily mode, so:

    How about bloom (equally important for tiger lilies and for ideas)? How about compost (ditto)? And maybe grow (ditto again)?

    Yes, tiger lilies have spoken to me - yours! Makes me want to go write something beautiful!

  2. "Compost"--yes! That's the part of writing that's done in the dark, our daydreaming and stirring things up phase, melding and aging until we get the right mix, right? Love it. Along with "grow." That we'll never stop doing as writers, I don't think...

    Thanks, Peggy, appreciate your comments. Always enjoy hearing from you :-)

  3. That plant is amazing! The words you posted are all great; I also love the ones Peggy posted. I guess some words that come to my mind frequently is "knit" or "knitting," or "weaving." Seems I'm always weaving this and that into my story.

  4. I second your word choices, Cathy--"knit" and "weave" are definitely writer's words. The list keeps growing. Thanks!

  5. I like "knit" and "weave," too. What about "frame" as another choice?

  6. I love your tiger lilies, what a beautiful color. I like the word wrestle--that seems to be what I'm doing with my new WIP :).