Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Making Memories

"Memory is a child walking along a seashore. You never can tell what small pebble it will pick up and store away among its treasured things." --Pierce Harris, Atlanta Journal

Last week was one of those special weeks. A memorable week. A memory-making week. Our son and his family were here for a few days from Spain, and boy, did we pack in the activities.

Grandson Nicholas is now two years old. The last time we saw him was almost a year ago. What a joy to spend time with him and learn what he likes (first of all, FRUIT, and then all things transportation, i.e. buses, trains, planes, cars, trucks). With this visit we also had the precious opportunity to gather together all three of our beautiful grandchildren, and their parents, and watch the cousins interact. Treasured moments built one upon another as the days went by.


There was garden time with Grandpa, play time (including throwing rocks in the creek), and occasionally a touch of sleepy time.


There was Cincinnati's Krohn Conservatory's butterfly show, lots of story times, a picnic...


...and "Ride-the-Ducks," a touring activity on an amphibious vehicle that not only splashes into the Ohio River showing travelers all kinds of upclose and personal sights, like the spectacular John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge (prototype of New York's Brooklyn Bridge, circa1866) and the Bengal's football/Red's baseball stadiums, but also putters along the streets of historical Covington, KY and over the bridge to downtown Cincinnati. Along the way a young tour guide entertained all with highlights of the area's landmarks.


Finally, there was the Racing-to-Read 5K Race/Walk, sponsored by the Kenton Co.KY library system, which benefited Childhood Literacy Efforts (what better cause for a writer/reader to support??). The guys ran, the gals walked, and, I might add, all had pretty good finish times.


Too soon time wound down. After a family breakfast together, we arrived at the airport.

So, what might be said about a week of packing it all in? May I suggest a few random thoughts?

Soak up the opportunities. Sprinkle with generous amounts of fun and love. Savor. Splash with generous hugs. Gather. Fill. OverflowCherish. Appreciate. Anticipate the next visit. It's what making memories is all about. 

Who knows what treasures the children might have stored away? I know I stored up bunches!

Hope you find yourself in the midst of memorable and memory-making weeks this summer, too :-) Such is the essence of family, friendship, meaningful times. And, of course--if eyes, ears and hearts remain open--a wellspring for the writer's imagination might be discovered as well.


  1. It sure was a memory-making week!!!! We all enjoyed our time together and can't wait for the next time! I loved Nicholas sleeping on the chair pic and the one we're all together :)

  2. How precious! I'm sure it was a wonderful experience for all :)

  3. Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures. I'm so glad you had this time for the whole family to be together.

  4. We sure enjoyed our time together, too, Suzan:-) Hope you're rested up by now. One of my favorite pics is the kids in grandpa's garden!

    And thanks, J.A. and Cathy. Sharing these pictures helps keep the memories fresh. We're still reminiscing...

  5. Looks like a wonderful time! So glad you got to see your son and family and have some great times!

  6. Don't you love how easy it is to take and send photos these days? Yours are wonderful!

  7. Thanks, Lisa and Peggy. And Peggy, digital photography is both a plus and a problem. I have far too many photos now to keep track of! But I keep taking them anyway :-)