Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Photo Op



Just thought I'd share a little of what's happening over our way--cousins Nicholas and Adrian (and Angelica, tho she isn't in the picture) are together for the first time. Before and after...sometimes it's only a matter of seconds!

Don't let the "after" picture deceive you. We're having a ball--and this grandma is soaking it all up. What first-time summer adventures are you having? Got any before-and-after stories?

"If your baby is 'beautiful and perfect, never cries or fusses, an angel all the time''re probably the grandma." --Teresa Bloomingdale


  1. Love the quote~ I'll be sharing it with my parents and mother-in-law!

    Those pictures made me laugh out loud and I had to show this post to my husband. They are precious!

  2. The pictures are really cute. And the quote is absolutely true.

  3. Aw, too cute! :) Look at those chubby cheeks!

  4. Those babies really look alike!

    Before and after? How about what life was like when we were young, unattached, untouched by all that would happen to us later? Before I got married... Before my kids were born... Before I went back to school... Maybe even, before I started to write...

    Every once in awhile I yearn for a "before" time. But mostly I like the afters.

  5. hahaha... funny quote!
    Love those pics!!!!
    Thanks for helping out with Nicholas! He sure loves his grandma!

  6. Happy to share the pics and quote--thanks, everyone for stopping in :-) And Peggy--you're right, there's much to be said about the "before" (and can be quite a source to draw from in writing, don't you think?), but the "afters"...? Yep, I mostly like the afters, too!

  7. Oh, Kenda, you are so right about our "befores" being a source for our writing! Where would our imaginations be without memories to fuel them?

  8. They both are too cute for words! And, yes, they do look alike. Lovely share.

  9. Enjoy!!!! I love being a grandma!