Monday, May 17, 2010

Story of Joy

Jumping for joy is good exercise. --Author Unknown

It's been a fantastic day. First and foremost came the news that our second grandchild--and first grandson--was born last night. Can't help but share our happiness. We are excited, and I've been jumping for joy all day--which truly is good exercise!

With this wonderful family news came the development of a new skill. I've finally learned how to use my cell phone for more than just making the occasional phone call. I know, I'm a bit late in getting into this game, but sometimes we learn things only after they become a necessity. In our case, the new parents--our son and daughter-in-law--live on the west coast. I plan to get out there to hold the little guy for real sooner than later, but until I can, I'm thrilled to receive photos of the new life on a small screen--especially the one of him at only 15 minutes old. Be still my heart!

Joy comes in several forms, one of which--in addition to grandchildren--is the joy of writing. Jane Yolen's Take Joy, A Writer's Guide to Loving the Craft is one of my favorite books on the subject.

For sure, I'm not suggesting that writing carries a deeper joy than that which comes from a precious new life. But at this special time in our lives, I was drawn to Ms. Yolen's book and was not surprised to learn that she draws joy from grandchildren, too--and links such joy to the world of writing. She says (p. 173):

I contend that a writer is always working, whether standing or sitting,
whether lying down in a hot bath or walking up a steep hill,
whether brainstorming with an editor or dreaming on a train trip.
Activity that stimulates the cardiovascular system also stimulates the imagination.
Don't forget to smell the grandbabies.
Pay attention to good food.
Lie down on your stomach in the tall grass.
Listen to the rhythm of ocean waves.
Put your hand on graven stone. Finger silk. Touch a loved one's hair.
Breathe in the world.

Good advice all the way, but did you especially notice, "...don't forget to smell the grandbabies..."? It's part, she says, of breathing in the world. I can't wait for the day I can do this with little Nicholas.

So that's my story of joy for the day. Just thought I'd share. How about you? Any snippets of joy you'd like to share--or favorite breathe-in-the-world pastime to tell about?


  1. Yay! Congratulations on your new grandson. I LOVE the name Nicholas! And thanks for the Jane Yolen recommendation - I hadn't heard of that one. :-)

  2. Shannon--thanks for the congratulations. Can you tell we are thrilled? And Jane's book is a fantastic picker-upper!

  3. Oh congratulations, how exciting! Grandkids are the best thing ever, aren't they? :)

  4. Yes, Karen, there's nothing like grandkids! Little Angelica (turns two this Sunday) just said, "I wuv you" on the telephone :-) I love it!

  5. HUGE congrats!!! Let the fun begin!!!!

  6. I can't wait for Grandma Turner to smell baby Nicholas too!!!! :)