Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Today I had thought to post my reactions on what a profitable writers' meeting our group had yesterday--how we shared goals for the upcoming year, cheered each other on to pursue those goals, and encouraged each other to stay the course. It's easy to talk about writing, and then fritter away precious writing time. My writers' group helps keep me accountable.

I thought to post about silencing self-doubt and uncertainty, about embracing the challenge--and joy--of writing. I thought to post about the importance of seizing any and all opportunities of a new year, though at this point still unrevealed, and at the same time offer a pep talk, mostly to myself, about not letting other things crowd out writing this year. Love, laugh, hug, experience, write. I was charged up. The year, in my mind's eye, dawned like a new morning, with all kinds of potential and promise just waiting to be pursued, step-by-step, word-by-word.

Although it's all true, and I would still say those things, those thoughts are overshadowed by the news of yesterday's devastating earthquake in Haiti.

And right now all I can say are prayers.

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  1. Your excitment about writing inspired me to move ahead on some of those writing goals we challenged each other with on Tuesday, but even more, I was challenged to pray.